Roasty Buds

The World’s Spiciest Coffee

At Bandolier, we’re constantly innovating and tinkering with new content, so when we had an idea for fun videos based on spicy coffee, we took things a step further and actually CREATED the coffee. It took nearly six months to develop the product, packaging and e-commerce system.

Launched in July of 2022, Roasty Buds became the world’s first spicy coffee, featuring varieties like Hatch Chile, Ghost Pepper and Carolina Reaper. We have since expanded into other unique flavors, such as Mexican Chocolate Coffee and a line of smoked BBQ coffees.

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The Product

Every bag starts with direct trade beans from select locations around the world. Partnering with a local Austin roaster that we’ve known and worked with for more than five years, we are dedicated to making a premium product that tastes amazing and lives up to the spicy promise.

The Branding

We wanted the brand to be both fun and inviting, so we created the Buds. Two cool beans who want to take people on a wild coffee journey with them. The packaging and art were created by longtime agency collaborator Robert Lin.

The Fun Part!

Since 2015, Bandolier has created content for dozens of clients. We’ve also launched our own media properties like Unemployed Wine Guy and Classic Dad Moves. So it’s safe to say we’ve learned to think like brands and creators.

Using all that knowledge and hoping to learn even more, we’ve kicked off Roasty Buds with all manner of social media. From TikTok influencers to targeted FB ads to IG memes (and everything in between), we’re just getting started. We even created a video game.

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