Bandolier Media is a team of marketing outlaws with successfully formulated solutions to provide a strong voice and far-reaching presence for our clients. Our content creators are experts in adapting to a diverse range of brands, products and industries, while our acquisition managers are masters of precision demographic targeting. Thus, we create a superior experience for everyone we reach, and we give your brand the dominance to stand out on the media landscape.

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    Beer Salt

    “Bandolier Media provided our brand a great service by operating our social media.  They quickly learned our company culture and went to extreme lengths to produce content that engaged our audience leading to a 7% engagement rate. I recommend using this group.”

    Jamie Gonzales

    Consumer Marketing Director, Twang Beer Salt


    Key Highlights

    > Averaging over +1,000 new active and engaged  Twitter followers per month

    > Average 46.9 retweets per tweet

    > Average 64 favorites per tweet

    > Increase Instagram followers by 404.7% in just 6 months


  • Nada Moo Best Tweet over 90 days with Bandolier Media


    “Bandolier Media just gets it. They have helped us increase our engagement and really begin communicating with our followers – both loyal fans and new consumers.” 

    Daniel Nicholson

    President, CEO


    Key Highlights

    > 11.1% Average Twitter Engagement Rate

    > Average 2,351.8 engagements per tweet

    > 8% average Facebook Engagement

    > Average 8,296 stories created per month on Facebook 

    > 235.5% increase in Instagram engagements per media over 90 days

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    “The crew at Bandolier are social media badasses.”

    Pat Killoren

    Marketing Manager, Resignation Brewery


    Key Highlights

    > 124,122 unique users interacted with KCCO in just 90 days on Facebook alone

    > 793,243 unique users in the same time period on Twitter

    > In 90 days, increased new, engaged followers by 13,691 on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

    > Doubled engagement rate from 3% up to 6% over 90 day period



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    Hapi Water

    “Bandolier helped me establish my brand’s online identity. Their continued creativity boosts our social media exposure and has helped gain us a growing fan base.”

    Karsten Idsal

    President, Hapi Drinks


    Key Highlights

    > Viral tweet with 17,733 Retweets and 28,225 favorites

    > + 1,825 new active engaged followers on Twitter over 90 days



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    Jumpin Jammerz

    “Bandolier Media played an instrumental role in helping us push traffic to our website. They increased our twitter followers by over 500% and gave us tweets that received over 50 retweets. I recommend using them and will continue to stick with them and consider them a solid consistent company to deliver social and online traffic.”

    Steve Pandi
    Owner,  Jumpin Jammerz


    Key Highlights

    > Averaging 25 Retweets per post

    > Averaging 32 Favorites per post

    > Average 10.2% Engagement Rate

    > 10,000 Daily impressions