Duke Cannon

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Big Products, Tiny Hands

Duke Cannon products are big. Much bigger than the other soaps and men’s care products out there. So, we created some videos to highlight that.

TikTok Content


Sure it’s a little sketchy, but it still gets the job done! (Sort of) – Thanks to @john_malecki for showing us his bush trimming skills. ##tools



One perk of a hand drilling is you get a great arm workout out of it. 💪🤷‍♂️ @john_malecki back at it with more ##oldschooltools. ##tools ##powerdrill

♬ original sound – Duke Cannon Supply Co.

Do Slightly Better

Ambitious New Year’s resolutions are fine, but does anybody really stick to them? Duke wanted to give guys more attainable goals for the year, so we created this series of videos for their YouTube and social channels.

The brand has a strong in-house creative and social team, so we collaborated closely with them on the concepts and execution.