Support Black Businesses

We partnered with TikTok to launch the 2022 TikTok Accelerator for Black Entrepreneurs, with a mission to embrace and empower Black creators, innovators and small business owners nationwide. For the program, Bandolier developed the website, along with video content and blogs to encourage people to apply for the free, 4-week training program. More than 3,600 entrepreneurs applied for the accelerator.

B2B Content That Connects

We work with TikTok’s Small Business team to encourage entrepreneurs and small businesses to consider the platform for advertising their services. From blogs and emails to social content and videos, we’ve partnered with TikTok to get the word out across North America (and globally).

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@tiktok_small_business Whether you’re at your desk or… not at your desk 🙃 #TikTokPromote ♬ original sound – TikTok For Small Business

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